Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The T-Share NUDE Project

NUDE is a SOCIALLY RESPONSABLE company, which cares not only about inspiring others but also about helping others.
The T-Share NUDE is a Project that has as tangible product t-shirts and as intangible product the union between people and helping others. It intends to support the creativity and talent of people who are passionate about photography, painting, design and illustration. 

The project starts by supporting the local (Colombian) talent and look towards a global union of creative people who particiate. 
The project is calle T-Share NUDE because for every t-shit you buy, a little boy or girl who's in need of clothing will receive one. Not only will you be getting a designed t-shit with the story of the designer behind, but you'll be donating one to someone how's in need. You'll be suppoting talent and giving back at the same time. 

How does it works?

There are three types of t-shits we offer:

1. T-Shares from the Design catalogue.
Which are made by our different dreamers. 

T-Share from the Design Catalogue.

2. T-Shares from our Arts and Crafts Collection.
Which are hand painted.

Arts&Crafts T-Share

3. T-Shares from our Personalized Services.

T-Share by the Personalized Services.

Where you tell us what your style is like and we will design something unique and special with your special taste.

As soon as you buy your T-Share a little boy or girl will get his, and you will get a picture of the perosn you made so happy. 

Steps to make it come true:

1. Choose a type of T-shirt.

-Long sleeves   -Sleeveless   -V Collar    -Round Collar    -High Collar    -Cuts
Anything you can think about - We have it!

2. Choose a type of design.

      a. Design Catalogue                       b. Arts & Crafts                         c. Perzonalised Services

3. Choose the desin.

4. Get your T-Share.

Get to know your Designer

Enjoy your personalized welcoming letter.

Enjoy your T-Share!

5. Meet who you helped.

Thank you! You T-Shared with Lizeth Cabrera, 4 Years old from Boyaca, Colombia.

Be parte of the NUDE Community! How?

Take a picture with your new T-Share and upload it to instagram or facebook, tag NUDE Culture and place the #nudecommunity send us your picture and we'll publish it on our page.

Get a smile for you and give a smile to someone else!

Be part of the NUDE Community!


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