Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Get NUDE in Apulo!

Being able to make someone's life dream come true has no price. 

Today thanks to Juan Pablo Giraldo and his father Cesar, a great man was able to accomplish his dream of reccording his songs. Don Gerardo Oliveros a talented 68 year old man, who dedicated his entire life to his biggest passion, music, to the point of creating the official anthem of his hometown Apulo. Despite his great talent, life hadn't given him the opportunity any of his songs. That is why today he says: "Now I can die in peace". 

Don Gerardo told us about his experiences, while he siped his whiskey. He told us that one of his songs named "The boned one" (La Huesuda), was inspired on a very thin woman who was crossing the twon's plaza. Most of his songs are inspired on his experiences in his hometown, Apulo, a place that he loves dearly. By his side, is his son, who inherited his father's passion for music. He is the one who plays the drums, and seems so pleased to see his father finally accomplishing his dream. 

The meeting that took place at the Giraldo's home in Apulo, was much more than some people reccording songs. This gathering became a memory sharing space, where histories older than us where told and a place where our cultural heritage was reccorded. We should be proud as colombians ans citizens of the world because dreams do come true, it's all about patience and faith.

NUDE people = HAPPY people!


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