Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Red Dress

A powerfull color,discover all about it!

Today's inspiration is given by Marìa Claudia Ortiz, a mother of two, whose passion and dream is to travel. 
She wore this beautiful red dress with lace to a wedding. She chose the color because it highlighted her skin tone, and enhanced her blond hair.

Marìa Claudia decided to finish up the look with a very elegant hair style, held up to the side. And with soft eye makeup and cherry lips.

During the 50s, fashion took its inspiration from Spain, and red became the IT color. It was used with lipstick from the same color to combine. Louis XIV, France's king, used to paint his hills red, and bring the attention to his calves. 

Chanel Rouge
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The red color is related to royalty, sensuality, confidence and power. Through the history of fashion, this color has become an icon, and it has been an excuse for celebrities, (and even cartoons) to highlight their curves. 

Elizabeth Taylor
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Marilyn Monroe
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Jessica Rabbit
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Audrey Hepburn
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Heidi Klum
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And there are some designers that have become experts on the use of this passionate color.

The Red Dress by - El Vestido Rojo por: Valentino
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The Red Dress by - El Vestido Rojo por: Carolina Herrera
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Red is a color that will always be in, much more when we talk about dresses. Today we can see it is used by adapting its shape to a much more contemporary style.

Emma Watson
Golden Globes 2014
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If you want to glow at any stage of your life, now you know red is the way to go. 

Thanks for inspiring us Marìa Claudia.

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