Sunday, February 1, 2015

Milano Design Week

We expose NUDE the Milano Design Week!
Do you dare to take a dose of design and creativity?

Milano is known for being the world's capital of design. Even though design is what you breathe while being in Milan, the city transforms itself on the Design Week (Salone del Mobile).

The week starts and so do the many events, Rho Fiera Milano opens its doors for the biggest design exposition in the world. 

Meanwhile in the rest of the city you can visit different galleries and stores, the streets dressed up with design.

NUDE visited some of the expositions outside of the salon, this is called, Fuorisalone. The different zones in Milano become design districts each one with a particular show. NUDE was at the fuorisalone from  Garibaldi, Tortona, Zara and Brera Design District.  

Finally the day of the Salone del Mobile arrived. Rho Fiera Milano, where the exhibition is held is out of Milano, so you have to take the train to get there. 
The first overwhelming impression was Ettore Sottsass master piece, the space where the exposition happens. 

A head of us where 24 pavilions to visit, each one specialized on a certain area of design. 
First the kitchen.

Next came a space for students and new arrivals.

Then bedroom and living room.

To finish the classics, where we were able to see all the master pieces from our favorite designers, which we once used as reference for our own projects.  

By Nendo

By Zaha Hadid

By Philippe Starck

By Hermanos Campana

The experience and sensation in that place cannot be described. What can be said as an attempt to communicate what happened to in there is:

"It feels like a little boy who visits Disney World for the first time, you just don’t want to leave".

This experience was really rewarding for NUDE, it made us grow as designers and company.

Get Love, Get,

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