Friday, December 19, 2014



NUDE is socially responsable company, based in design and creation. It manages communication, projects and provides design services. We believe in interdiciplinary alliances which enrich our creativity. We encourage entrepreneurship, ideas and passion. Our aim is to turn great ideas and dreams into tangible projects, INNOVATING and REINVENTING ourselves every time.

NUDE is a dream supporter. Everything we dream about can be done as long as we are passionate about it. NUDE is a community, a great project producer where amazing dreams and ideas come to life. By uniting people ALL AROUND THE WORLD we create a NUDE CULTURE, based on the uniqueness of each person involved.

We provide a space for NUDE communication. This is an invite for everyone to leave their masks aside, to embrace who they are, to be brave and show themselves NUDE, this is what we call transparet and authentic creativity.  




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